Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen is a place in home that gathers the most amount of dirt and grime due to all the cooking and smoke. We provided deep cleaning services for your kitchen that include Cleaning of Cabinets, shelves from inside and outside. Cleaning below shelves and modular trolley, if detachable.

Kitchen Cleaning services by Clean & CO offers a customised cleaning approach that covers ovens, grills, Microwave, Stove, Counter-Tops, Sinks and Refrigerator. Our professional cleaners maintain a standard and assure everything looks neat and clean, just like in a picture on the wall. Other additional home spaces are cleaned on request at preferential rates.

Clean CO ensures that by having your back with high-end cleaning detergents and equipments and the best professional cleaners in Sydney.

Eco Friendly Products

Our key commitment is to the environment. We only use green products that are bio-degrable, non-caustic and in tune with our planet.

Efficient & On-time Delivery

We believe that our clients’ time is precious. For this reason, our focus is nothing but delivering on-time services.

Trained & Insured Staff

Each of our highly trained Clean & CO staff members has undergone rigorous background and police checks and are fully insured.

Why Choose Us!

With the backing of our staff and management team which has over 30 years’ experience in servicing both commercial and residential properties and the use of state of the art technology and innovative procedures, we will change cleaning from a chore into a memorable experience.

We at Clean & CO understand all client needs as unique. We personalize our services to meet deadlines, safety requirements and community standards. We pledge to ensure A-grade quality cleaning.

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