Rug Cleaning

If you are looking for a cost effective solution for rug cleaning in Sydney, you have come to the right place. Changing your bedsheets regularly isn’t going to be much helpful when it comes to maintaining hygiene for your bedroom. Regular use makes your mattresses soak sweat, moisture, dust and probably mites as well. A professional mattress cleaning service is going to help you achieve that. Clean & CO specializes in a wide range of cleaning services, mattress cleaning being one of them. We use Steam cleaning and homemade cleaning solutions to get rid of all the germs that could be residing beneath your sleeping haven. With just a call away, you can choose to combine our mattress cleaning services with other services like Upholstery cleaning for a perfect bedroom clean-up.

With a dedicated team trained to provide the best commercial space cleaning services in Sydney, Clean & CO understands how critical is it for you to keep your space specking-ly hygienic. Here is an insight into what goes behind our commercial cleaning services…
- Leisure room cleaning
- All Furniture
- Dusting and Cleaning
- Complete Dusting and Cleaning of carpets, floor.
- Restroom Cleaning
- Trash Disposal

When you call for a commercial cleaning service in Sydney, a team of ours is dispatched to perform a reiki of the space which further determines the cost with respect to the level of cleaning involved. Our efforts reflect in our work. We would be happy to help if you have any other element that requires our attention.

Eco Friendly Products

Our key commitment is to the environment. We only use green products that are bio-degrable, non-caustic and in tune with our planet.

Efficient & On-time Delivery

We believe that our clients’ time is precious. For this reason, our focus is nothing but delivering on-time services.

Trained & Insured Staff

Each of our highly trained Clean & CO staff members has undergone rigorous background and police checks and are fully insured.

Why Choose Us!

With the backing of our staff and management team which has over 30 years’ experience in servicing both commercial and residential properties and the use of state of the art technology and innovative procedures, we will change cleaning from a chore into a memorable experience.

We at Clean & CO understand all client needs as unique. We personalize our services to meet deadlines, safety requirements and community standards. We pledge to ensure A-grade quality cleaning.

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